Dill Air Control Products Oxford, NC

Dill Air Controls Products, in operation since 1909, is an American-based company and leader in fluid control products located in Oxford, NC. Steve Tsotsoros, Operations Manager, identified an opportunity to work with NCA&T to provide students with real world experience by assigning them to work with the Manufacturing Team to develop a layout that would reduce non-value added work in the gauge assembly department. Upon completion of the Student led project the Student developed layout was compared to a previously developed internal layout and was ultimately selected by the Manufacturing Team for implementation.

One member of the Student Team, Dominique Kent (a senior on the NCA&T design team), was hired by Dill Air Controls Products, to assist with the project implementation. Danielle Williams, the gauge line assembly lead at Dill, worked very closely with the students and commented that working with the students was much easier than expected adding that “they made me better in my role.”

“Providing real-world experience to mold next generation professionals ”

To learn more about Dill Air Control Products dillaircontrols.com.

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