Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that applies the principles of mathematics, physics, and materials science for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of motorized systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the creation of machinery of all types, including their operation and maintenance.

Mechanical Engineering faculty members and their graduate students perform research in such areas as materials, aerospace, structural health monitoring, thermal management, micro-mechanics and micro-fluidics, control systems, design and manufacturing.

Mechanical Engineering (ME) project topics:

    • Aerospace
    • Micro-Mechanics and Micro-Fluidics
Control Systems Structural Health Monitoring
Design and Manufacturing Thermal Management
      • Materials

Engineering Expertise

The College of Engineering has seven departments and offers—23 degrees in all—undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs. Typical projects will tie the work to academic requirements and faculty from the department will serve as the advisors for individual projects.

What to Expect

The project begins with a set of deliverables and ends with a project presentation by the student team to the industry sponsors. The CBBE, ISE, and ME departments currently participate in the NCMEP@NCAT projects.
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